Your privacy is under attack

Activists in the United States are pushing laws that would invade your privacy and put you at risk for targeting.

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Make your voice heard

Just as the right to pull the curtain closed behind us as we vote for our chosen candidates is sacrosanct, so too is our right to support charities and interest groups that promote our values without the government standing over our shoulder and sharing the information with the wider world.

Tell your elected officials to protect privacy!

Your name on a government list

Make no mistake about what attacks on private charitable giving would mean in practice: Your donations to charitable organizations would go on a public government list in a searchable online database. Your support for groups like the NRA, Planned Parenthood, and even your church would be a matter of public record.


"Supporting causes we believe in without having to report it to the government has been a cherished principle in America since our founding. IĀ oppose any and all effort to undermine private charitable donations.