Citizen Privacy

Privately supporting causes, and the organizations advancing those causes, is a fundamental freedom that is protected by the First Amendment. We must protect the ability of all Americans to come together in support of each other and the causes they believe in.

The FEC, Our First Amendment Right to Protest and Donor Privacy

Bradley Smith, Founder and Chairman of the Institute for Free Speech and a former FEC Chairman, joins a CFIF discussion about why supporting the right to peaceful protest is important even during a pandemic and the final donor privacy regulation recently released by the Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service.

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WSJ Opinion: A Minor IRS Miracle

The IRS has published a final rule that relieves most 501(c) nonprofits of a requirement to report the names and addresses of major donors. The IRS “does not need” the information “to administer the internal revenue laws,” said the Treasury Department, and it changed the rule “in light of the risks and burden.”

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Preserving Donor Privacy in North Carolina

To preserve our right to free expression, we must resist these attacks on donor privacy by supporting organizations that are challenging donor disclosure demands in court, by opposing laws and administrative orders that require donor disclosure, and by encouraging the enactment of laws that affirmatively protect donor privacy.

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