Enemies of Debate

Instead of engaging in healthy debate about ideas, some activists want information about citizens so they can target people for their personal beliefs and subject them to harassment and intimidation in order to silence those they disagree with.

NCAC: Free Expression During the Coronavirus Pandemic

This timeline tracks the free expression concerns raised as governments and private companies enact emergency measures to contain and manage the coronavirus pandemic of 2020. Along with new regulations issued in the interest of public health come concerns about incursions on civil liberties and threats to free expression. Free speech and civil liberties advocates anticipated some of these concerns, but as regulations change and the crisis continues, new and unexpected issues arise.

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Reason: The Pandemic Brings Out Americans’ Inner Snitches

Snitch culture is dangerous in a larger way, too, since it erodes the structure of a free society by breaking community bonds. “Denunciations provide the means by which individuals can harm others whom they dislike and gain relative to them within their communities. Ultimately, this can lead to a reorientation of society away from cooperation and trust, and toward hierarchy and obedience.”

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