Private citizens in Wisconsin were harassed because of their beliefs

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After Governor Scott Walker was elected in 2010, he was successful in bringing reforms to Wisconsin. And that upset a lot of people. As a result, government officials from groups like the Government Accountability Board worked in secret to target conservatives who supported the reforms, making their lives a living hell.

When someone’s personal information is exposed and they are harassed because of the causes they support, lives can be devastated and free speech is threatened.

Across the country, there’s a growing call to force non-profit groups to report the names and addresses of their donors to the government. The government would post this information on a public website that anyone could see. The reason activists want to see this private information is simple: they want to be able to target you for your personal beliefs.

We’re not talking about putting donations to political candidates online. That information is already reported to the government and posted on websites. We’re talking about your donations to causes and groups that you support that are doing work in your community or around the world to advance your values.

Every American has the right to support causes he or she believes in without fear of harassment and intimidation.

Watch this video to learn more about what happened in Wisconsin and share it with your friends. We need to prevent this from happening again.

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9 responses on “Private citizens in Wisconsin were harassed because of their beliefs

  1. Wilma Hickman

    What part of secret ballot is not understood! No one should be harassed because of their votes or opinions! That is a vital part of what makes America the great country it is! (Secret means secret)!!!

  2. Salvador

    This is shameful. I think in the public discourse of ideas, anyone should be able to vote their own prospective ways and to be able to donate to leftist groups and not be targeted by the overreaching entails of the patriot act!

  3. Susan Slack

    Im shocked and saddened anyone in our great country had to go through this discrimination simply because their beliefs were differant than someone else. Persecution based on things like this is coming in time to our country as a whole. I dont wish it on anybody. God help us all God bless America with all tbe freedoms many shed their blood for.

  4. Karolyn Sartin

    This is horrible if I want to give money to causes to help spread the gospel & help people that should be my privilege, I should not have to be made to feel guilty or be to feel guilty

  5. Jill

    This should NOT happen!!! First Ammendment-freedom of speech-should protect us. What was done is a mockery of our rights. I will tell you my views-ask me! If I want to share I will. But its my right to decide to share or not, its not mandatory!!!!

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