Stand Up For Privacy: Adam Meyerson, Philanthropy Roundtable

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The United States is the most charitable country in the world – by far. But the American tradition of supporting causes is at risk if we don’t protect our right to donate privately.

In this video, Adam Meyerson, President of Philanthropy Roundtable, talks about why it’s important for people to have the ability to support causes privately, including for religious reasons.

With the end of the year and holiday season in mind, many people are thinking about supporting charitable organizations. Some of those donations will be made anonymously for a variety of reasons, including because of the belief that one of the highest forms of charity is when the donor and recipient are unknown to each other. But other people may choose to keep their donations anonymous to prevent additional solicitations or simply to avoid family, friends, neighbors or colleagues knowing the amount of their contributions or which charities they support.

We must protect Americans’ right to give freely and privately, where and how they want.

16 responses on “Stand Up For Privacy: Adam Meyerson, Philanthropy Roundtable

  1. Lorinda Duffiney

    I agree with this man in the video. We should be able to give to whom we want and when we want without being held accountable to anyone else.

    1. Christy

      I agree with this guy to the Gov shouldn’t have control over any ,everything everyone does. or don’t do. The law should apply to all the people not just the rich people trying to get bigger taxes breaks. I tired of the same Rep, Dem making laws and policies that only applies to the poor and middle class people families. And these same people making laws and policies are exempt. If the law is law it should apply to everyone including the rich or shouldn’t be a law or policy at all. That my opinion on any of the laws especial people in power

  2. Jon Ryk

    What organization I give to and how much I choose to give is my business and nobody else’s. Our rights to privacy with respect to donations to causes must be protected.

  3. Victoria Sassone

    We must stop giving up our rights all the way around! Nobody, including the government, should be allowed to violate our right to privacy, our right to bear arms, our right to free speech…The list of these violations just keeps growing and growing, and will continue to do so unless we stand up and defend our rights!

  4. Susan Miller

    I find that when I give to one charity that they decide to give my name to 10 or more other similar charities. That is why I don’t give as much as I used to. I find it to be very annoying when Indian, Israel support groups, enviornmental groups, etc. decide to give my name and information to other groups. In addition they want $50, $100, $250 or more and ask you to leave them in your will or trust. WHATEVER YOU GIVE IS NEVER ENOUGH.

  5. Barbara

    I agree and believe that charities should stop selling or giving their donor list to other causes. I get no less tha 4 requests per day in my mailbox and many more by email and FB. To the point that I have stopped giving to any one.

  6. Johnnie Mata

    I believe we are losing our privacy to the government and they just want more and more and when you need them they make up excuses to not giving you what they have been taking From you, privacy is a #1 priority for the people.

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