Ben Domenech Discusses Citizen Privacy in Light of the Supreme Court Leak

May 20, 2022 | PUFP Staff

On a recent episode of his podcast, Ben Domenech discussed the backlash that some Supreme Court justices are facing after the leak of the draft opinion to potentially overturn Roe v. Wade. He pointed out that a lot of Americans face cancellation for their beliefs these days, and normal Americans don’t have the ability to call on the kind of police protection that is being provided to members of the court.

Domenech explained, “As an American, I really want people to be able to put their money in causes they believe in and not have to risk their future, their livelihood, or anything else.” He believes this issue is particularly important for Americans who give to conservative causes. “We cannot trust the mob to not come after the small business owner who simply happens to have traditionalist or conservative or liberty focused beliefs that have been, for most of our history, of great benefit to not just ourselves as Americans, but indeed the entire world.”

Listen to the full episode.