Citizen Privacy News – March 10, 2020

March 10, 2020 | PUFP Staff

Following are a few noteworthy articles and op-eds about citizen privacy that have been published recently.

The IRS’s History of Attacking Political Dissenters and Opponents
José Niño
“Politicians will construct narratives saying that they’re fighting against corruption, when all they’re really doing is curtailing the efforts of dissident groups to expose the political class’s dirty laundry.”

New Jersey Agrees Not to Enforce Unconstitutional Anti-Privacy Law
Institute for Free Speech
“New Jersey’s law was among the nation’s worst for speech and association rights. Attorney General Grewal deserves credit for recognizing this law was indefensible.”

The IRS Should Go Ahead with Privacy Reform
Luke Wachob
IRS reform is on the horizon, and the public seems ready.

How policymakers are threatening philanthropy in 2020
Patrice Lee Onwuka
“Throughout our history, anonymous giving has funded social campaigns that have changed society. Women’s suffrage, the civil rights movement, and gay and transgender rights are examples of causes that were once unpopular that donors chose to support because they could do so without the fear of reprisal.”