Citizen Privacy

Privately supporting causes, and the organizations advancing those causes, is a fundamental freedom that is protected by the First Amendment. We must protect the ability of all Americans to come together in support of each other and the causes they believe in.

Preserving Donor Privacy in North Carolina

To preserve our right to free expression, we must resist these attacks on donor privacy by supporting organizations that are challenging donor disclosure demands in court, by opposing laws and administrative orders that require donor disclosure, and by encouraging the enactment of laws that affirmatively protect donor privacy.

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Citizen privacy is protected in Utah

On March 30, Governor Gary Herbert signed a bill into law that protects the First Amendment right of Utah citizens to associate freely with the people and groups of their choosing, making this the fourth state to enact critical citizen privacy legislation after Arizona, Mississippi and West Virginia.

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West Virginia is the most recent state to protect citizen privacy!

Earlier this month, Governor Jim Justice signed the Protect Our Right to Unite Act, making West Virginia the third state to sign critical citizen privacy legislation into law. The legislation received wide bipartisan support that included groups such as the West Virginia chapters of the American Civil Liberties Union and Americans for Prosperity.

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