Donor Privacy News – April 16, 2019

April 16, 2019 | PUFP Staff

David French and David Keating Warn of Dangers of House Dems’ Election-Reform Plan
Mairead McArdle, National Review
French called the proposal “unfair” and “grotesquely unconstitutional,” adding that it would constitute an “extreme intrusion” into private life and effectively treat political speech as “second-class speech.”

States Need to Ensure Donor Privacy — It’s Crucial to Freedom of Speech
Jon Pritchett
Private citizens should not be subjected to government harassment for supporting causes they believe in, and charities should not have to worry about their funding drying up because donors fear reprisals. Yet many policy pundits on the left, and even a few on the right, have been doing all they can to convince lawmakers across the country that the government has a compelling interest in knowing to whom you give your after-tax money.

Privacy protected in Mississippi
Representatives Jerry Turner and Mark Baker
Most importantly, this law protects those who might have their private information targeted and revealed without their consent. Publicizing information about private charitable giving makes people give less to charity. But providing restitution will rightfully combat the efforts of those interested in making your information public. These public reveals chill the free expression of individuals.

Donors to Charities Can’t Be Exposed Under New Mississippi Law
Kevin Mooney, The Daily Signal
Mississippi’s governor has signed into law a donor privacy bill designed to protect the anonymity of those who give money to nonprofit charities.

Donor privacy bill dies in Iowa House
Jacob Hall, The Iowa Standard
Donor privacy is an issue that should not be partisan…Supporters for the bill include conservative organizations like the FAMiLY Leader, Americans for Prosperity and Iowans for Tax Relief. On the other side of the aisle, Planned Parenthood, the Coalition Against Domestic Violence, OneIowa and the ACLU also support House File 697 as written.