Donor Privacy News – March 26, 2019

March 26, 2019 | PUFP Staff

Following are a few noteworthy articles and op-eds about donor privacy that have been published recently.

Amy Oliver Cooke
In Colorado, it seems that some Democrats want to flip the free speech and privacy paradigms. They want to expose individuals and limit speech when it has to do with politics and viewpoints with which they may disagree.
Jameson Taylor
I was troubled to read Bill Crawford’s recent op-ed about “dark money.” It’s not honest, it’s not fair, and it’s not transparent. Bill Crawford is lying about House Bill 1205.
Bradley A. Smith and Annette Meeks
The Star Tribune Editorial Board has called for the Legislature to expand campaign disclosure laws to apply to any group that runs ads mentioning candidates. This policy would cover a whole lot more than campaign ads, and it would carry nasty side effects. Some at the State Capitol are responding to this misguided request for so-called transparency through legislation. But make no mistake about it: Transparency is for government; privacy is for citizens.
David Keating and Amol Sinha
When policy harms the people, our democracy relies on civic and advocacy organizations to mobilize and hold government accountable. Unfortunately, a bill in the New Jersey Legislature threatens to upend that fundamental check on power and silence many of the voices that speak truth by interfering with privacy and exposing personal information.