Stand Up For Privacy: Adam Meyerson, Philanthropy Roundtable

December 6, 2018 | PUFP Staff

The United States is the most charitable country in the world – by far. But the American tradition of supporting causes is at risk if we don’t protect our right to donate privately.

In this video, Adam Meyerson, President of Philanthropy Roundtable, talks about why it’s important for people to have the ability to support causes privately, including for religious reasons.

With the end of the year and holiday season in mind, many people are thinking about supporting charitable organizations. Some of those donations will be made anonymously for a variety of reasons, including because of the belief that one of the highest forms of charity is when the donor and recipient are unknown to each other. But other people may choose to keep their donations anonymous to prevent additional solicitations or simply to avoid family, friends, neighbors or colleagues knowing the amount of their contributions or which charities they support.

We must protect Americans’ right to give freely and privately, where and how they want.