Support #GivingTuesday by Supporting Private Giving

November 30, 2021 | PUFP Staff

Today is #GivingTuesday – a day when America’s philanthropic nature shines bright.

Last year, this annual day raised close to $2.5 billion for American nonprofits and a total of $471 billion was donated in 2020 to nonprofits.

Americans Love to Give

…and they support the right to give privately.

Congress is currently considering four bills that would subject nonprofits and their donors to a barrage of new regulations and disclosures. If passed, they would harm nonprofits and the ability for their donors to give anonymously.

Spotlight Act requires certain nonprofit organizations to report the names and addresses of donors to the Internal Revenue Service – rendering nonprofit donors vulnerable to doxing.

DISCLOSE Act requires nonprofits to report donors to the FEC for common types of communications and harms philanthropy by requiring nonprofits that make grants or payments to another organization to disclose their donors.

Honest Ads Act creates heavy regulatory and cost burdens for American nonprofits that use the internet to communicate.

Secret Money Transparency Act removes safeguards placed on the Internal Revenue Service that prevent it from abusing power.

Support #GivingTuesday by Supporting Private Giving

Transparency is for Government – Privacy is for People

Agencies should be prohibited from disclosing or releasing personal information about membership and donors to 501(c) non-profit organizations, except as required by law.

There should be penalties if an individual knowingly violates this law.